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02 November 2020

Power Towers, or low-level access aerial platforms, are a smart alternative to ladders and mobile scaffold towers. They are compact, easy to operate and above all safe. The small passenger lifts are equipped with manual operation. The larger ones, with a maximum working height of 5.1 metres, run on a 12V battery.

Unfortunately, occupational accidents still often occur on construction sites. Falls (even from a low height, < 2.5 metres) have been among the most frequent accidents for years. Accidents also regularly occur because objects fall down. Small mistakes can have large consequences so it is important to work safely. With these low-level access passenger lifts you can safely reach places that are difficult to reach. The lifts are compact, manoeuvrable, easy to operate and they fit through normal doorways. This makes them ideal for maintenance and installation work in data centres, office buildings, hospitals, car parks and retail premises.

Considerable expansion
Boels expands their low-level access range considerably with the Peco and Ecolift, manually driven products with a respective working height of 3.5 m and 4.2 m. For jobs on a higher level there are the Nano SP and the Power Tower, two self-propelled models with a working height of 4.5 m and 5.1 m. 

Rene Sanders, Sales Manager at Boels Netherlands, comments: "Our customers are constantly looking for opportunities to work more safely and efficiently. Customers therefore regularly ask us for good alternatives to ladders and scaffolding. We have them now and we are happy to make available to our customers".
"With the addition of the JLG Power Towers to our range, we can meet our customers’ demands," adds Ton Brockbernd, Strategic Buyer at Boels Rental. "The work needs to be done safely and efficiently and these products fill the gap when our customers are looking for alternative solutions".

The Power Tower and its smaller brothers are innovative products that will change the traditional way of working. They provide a safer working environment while improving operator productivity. This is because the operator does not have to constantly move or re-erect his ladder or scaffold and check that it is safe. He simply drives to the desired location.
Jonathan Dawson, Managing Director at Power Towers Ltd is also pleased with the partnership: "It's great to see that Power Towers are also in demand on the mainland. And it's great that an important partner like Boels is working with us to make low-level access better known. This shows confidence in the product and that, in these challenging times, it is a growing market".

The first deliveries have already taken place. For more information, please contact your account manager or visit our website.

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