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Sanitation Services for a responsible environmental policy!

Boels Sanitation Services pursues an environmental policy aimed at preventing pollution in the environment and is constantly working hard to further optimise this policy. In its efforts, Boels Sanitation Services focuses primarily on delivering, cleaning and removing sanitary facilities in a responsible manner.


Our toilet cabins and urinals are made from polyethylene, a durable and fully recyclable material.

Fuel savings:

Our products consciously have a light-weight construction.

Vehicle fleet:

Our trucks are lightweight and are fitted with environmentally friendly Euro5 engines.

Toilet fluid and cleaning agents:

Our toilet fluid and cleaning agents are 100% biodegradable. There is a safety sheet on every service vehicle, which is freely available for everyone to consult.


We remove our wastewater solely using the most efficient and expert methods, strictly according to the statutory environmental requirements. Our work method is regularly inspected by the relevant competent authorities.

Water conservation:

Our modern toilet cabins use substantially less water than a conventional toilet. Only 20 litres of water is needed for 250 visits to the bathroom. This amounts to 0.8 litres of water compared with at least 6 litres when flushing a conventional toilet. For the urinal, only 20 litres of water is needed for 1500 visits. This means 0.013 litres per urinal visit.


Please contact us for more information.

Boels Sanitation Services

  • Responsible delivery, cleaning and removal
  • Aimed at the prevention of environmental pollution
  • Durable and fully recyclable
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