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A tailor-made solution for every event!

Boels Sanitation Services takes all your sanitary responsibilities off your hands and offers a tailor-made total service for every event. You have one dedicated contact throughout the project, from quote to post-event follow up.

Service team

When you hire a toilet facility from Boels, we can also provide you with a professional service team under the supervision of one or more project leaders.The service team is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the toilets, replacing toilet paper, adding air freshener and inspecting or overseeing appropriate use of the lavatories by visitors.

Service vehicles

When hiring our temporary sanitary facilities, you have the additional option to have the units completely emptied and cleaned during the event. Boels Sanitation Services has a number of service vehicles that cater specifically for events with a capacity of up to 12m³. These vehicles are driven and operated by experienced staff. All our service vehicles are fitted with:

  • A suction installation to empty the toilets
  • A high-pressure installation to clean the toilets
  • The tools and materials to refill the toilets, fully prepared for reuse


Please contact us for more information.

Boels Sanitation Services

  • One dedicated contact point
  • All sanitary responsibility off your hands
  • Total service, tailored for you
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