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Retractable mobile toilet unit in a modular container!

Sanitrax is the world's first and only retractable, containerised portable toilet unit. It offers space for several self-contained toilets that rely on the proven vacuum flush technology. A technology that saves up to 90% on water compared to conventional toilets that flush using only gravitational forces. Environmentally friendly in every aspect, super easy to clean and maintain, fully customisable to your specific needs, completely retractable concept, the most hygienic temporary restroom facility on the market today, all incorporated in a strong, galvanised, durable containerised frame.

Technical support

Boels Sanitation Services always provides technical support during events where vacuum toilets are deployed. We do this to make sure that the high-tech processing and vacuum system is regularly checked and maintained during the entire event. It's an additional guarantee the customer gets when using our high-quality temporary toilet facilities.


Please contact us for more information.

  • Saves water

    High-quality toilets for sites with limited availability of water. Uses just 0.8 litres of water with each flush.

  • Cheap transport

    78 toilets on one transport!

  • Easy installation

    Up and running in no time! The cleaning is also done in just a few minutes.

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