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Suitable housing is child's play

Fluctuating student numbers, ever-changing school laws. After-school care facilities or childcare centres never know how many places they will need next school year. Boels rents units for kindergartens and nursery facilities that match the needs of the children and supervisors.

Exactly the space you need.

Boels Units provides the space that meets the current capacity needs. If the number of places needed changes, Boels can easily modify a nursery or after-school care facility so the user only rents the space that is used. The units are finished to high-quality standards and delivered completely according to the customer's specifications. Comfortable, safe and energy-efficient.

Safe environment

Safety always comes first, especially when there are children involved. That's why the units are fire-retardant for 3o minutes. This has to do with the spread of fire and the strength of the supporting structure. In addition, the units can be equipped with various safety provisions, such as emergency lighting, (fire) alarm systems, extinguishers, evacuation chairs, First Aid kits, panic exits or evacuation floor plans.

Exceptional after school

Boels Units has years of experience in composing suitable accommodation and providing expert advice. The possibilities are plentiful, ranging from experience rooms, communal rooms and sports rooms to kitchens, child-friendly sanitary areas and rooms dedicated for supervisors.

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