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Construction & Industry

Boels Units: a solid foundation

The world doesn't stop turning while your buildings are being built or renovated. At times like these, Boels Units arranges temporary accommodation to keep things moving. Now that's a solid foundation. Quick, every size and to any location.

Always operational

Temporary accommodation at Boels a built up from individual units. This ensures the user always has access to the room required at any moment. In a very short time, Boels Rental creates space for use as an office, canteen, toilet or even changing rooms and showers. Even when the capacity demands this in the middle of a project. Besides the standard storage containers of 3 and 6 metres, Boels also has several alternatives available with additional facilities and useful modifications.

Quality in looks and comfort

Interim work accommodation, without making any concessions on user comfort and functionality. The units of Boels are finished to high-quality standards and completely according to the customer's specifications. The modular accommodation meets the highest standards in terms of appearance and comfort. Boels Rental takes care of all facility management, such as cleaning inside and outside, as well as replenishing amenities like coffee machines and soda vending machines.

Flexible accommodation in industry

Boels Units also offers accommodation solutions for the industrial sector, for example when extra work space is needed. Or if the production hall needs a different set-up. What's more, Boels Units has years of experience with assembling custom accommodation, such as an extension to existing premises or a stand-alone building

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