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The space to be enterprising

Today's economy demands maximum flexibility. This also applies to accommodation, which must be able to easily be adapted to the needs of a business. Delivered at a moment's notice, in any size, to any location. It's all possible with Boels. Of course, the customer can determine the rental period and further details.

Exactly the space you need

Because the temporary accommodation is composed of individual units, adding or removing units is a cinch. This also applies to the number of floors. Besides this, every project is tailor-made. You may need an additional toilet, wider doors, a counter or an area for a specific purpose, and maybe even a different carpet or façade wrap. Boels gets it done. For larger or long-term projects, we can also provide peripheral equipment including printers, coffee machines, internet or telephone cables or Wi-Fi connection.

Quality in looks and comfort

The high-quality finish of the units are delivered entirely according to the customer requirements and meet the highest standards in terms of appearance and comfort. Furthermore, additional adjustments can always be made after commissioning. Any faults and repairs are of course resolved quickly and professionally.

Financially appealing

Request a quote with no further obligation and discover why temporary accommodation is the only realistic alternative for short-term and medium-term needs.

Sustainable solution

Renting a temporary office through Boels Units is a sustainable choice. All the units are produced to comply with the most stringent environmental requirements and perform excellently in terms of climate control and energy consumption. And, just as important, the units are re-used time and time again. At the end of the rental term, the units are repaired, cleaned and prepared for the next rental term.

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